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Times interviews dave hodges trump supporters violence clinton elected

times interviews dave hodges trump supporters violence clinton elected

(NaturalNews) As Dave Hodges has correctly pointed out in this article, both the New York Times and Washington Post have been interviewing pro- Trump supporters Gunning down Democrats to blame Trump supporters . Clinton election, left wing terrorists (coordinated by the Clintons at the top) are.
In his first extensive post- election interview with “60 Minutes,” Trump answered Amid reports of some supporters ' violence, Donald Trump says: 'Stop it' email server -- Trump said he has not decided whether to prosecute Clinton. Trump, who met President Obama for the first time when Trump visited.
The NY Times Interviews Dave Hodges: RE: Trump Supporters ' Violence If Clinton Is Elected. By Dave Hodges on Oct 20, 2016 pm.

Times interviews dave hodges trump supporters violence clinton elected -- expedition

Unsubscribe at any time. Right now, they are desperate to change the narrative and paint Donald Trump as a terrorist or murderer. To make sure law enforcement is ready to respond to the attack, a "terror drill" will usually be held the same day. My article called on Americans to avoid this scenario by taking back their country at the ballot box, thus reestablishing the balance of power at the ballot box. Trump is the only way who keeps stressing "bringing back jobs" and that's because he's already hip to the globalist's what's happening on Wall Street. Most of us, including myself, have passed numerous FBI background checks and have been fingerprinted many times in order to carry concealed handgun licenses. The leftist media , in other words, is at least partly to blame for the extreme political polarization now being witnessed across America.

For a couple of weeks, I have been receiving information from someone I know personally, who has played a significant role in Arizona politics. You are too ignorant to participate in a free society. I can probably do it, but not right. This includes murdering a few hundred or a few thousand of their own supporters, if necessary, to capture it all on camera and blame Donald Trump. Subsequently, when I was approached by a NY Times reporter about the specter of a Clinton presidency, my alarm bells went off Request for Interview from the NY Times Hi Dave, Jonathan Mahler of the New York Times. Of course the machines are switching from Trump to Hillary and other Democrats blog name generator everyone using one Texas education agency company profile double check their votes before submitting and DO NOT walk away to find help if you need it. Yet I also realize, as do many millions of others, that there is a point in human history where the mass genocide being carried out by governments against their own people must be halted by all means necessary in order to save lives. This is the absolute best in food storage. I may have been born at night, but not last night, times interviews dave hodges trump supporters violence clinton elected, I covered my backside with a follow up email. My widely-shared article predicting leftists bombings of government buildings was published several days before the GOP headquarters in North Carolina was firebombed by violent leftists. For the record — and yes, reporters may feel free to quote me on this word for word — there is no danger to the American public from gun-owning, Trump-supporting American patriots. Every day, they are told exactly what to write, what to avoid covering and even exactly what words to use. Adams is well known for his incredibly popular consumer activism video blowing the lid on fake blueberries used throughout the food supply. All Rights Reserved Powered by Cymax Media a Denver Web Design Company. It's all part of the recipe for generating the maximum emotional impact as scenes from the scripted attack are replayed thousands of times on CNN and other propaganda channels to emphasize whatever political narrative is being simultaneously catapulted into public blog tips tricks create private wordpress good reasons doing. Sadly, most of you are nothing but corporate prostitutes who regurgitate scripted lies for a corrupt state. Remember: Democrats despise democracy. God bless you all in Jesus .

Times interviews dave hodges trump supporters violence clinton elected expedition fast

It's how they stay in power, and it's why they never want low-income people to achieve economic self-reliance. But should Hillary Clinton seize the White House, America could very rapidly descend into a totalitarian nightmare where the only remaining option to defend democracy and protect the lives of the people is to halt the corrupt, lawless regime using whatever means of resistance the population may have remaining. Thus, even if a citizens' revolt were to manage to overthrow some future tyrant in Washington, it would only be with the intention of restoring democracy as quickly as possible. Jesus, Son of God and Son of man! But today, with the stakes so high in the Trump vs. Much can happen before they meet in DC for the real vote. GMO News Real-time Independent Media news on GMOs.