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Threads political compass intro

threads political compass intro

https://www. dont take the results too seriously as the creators are purportedly biased but its interesting to see. EDIT: some questions.
so if you dont know from my intro, i am very interested in politics and therefore i am making this thread to see what the general opinions of new.
Here's the thread that graph came from, along with a few others. I agree with MoonlessNight's Standard Political Compass Response™, In the introduction, we explained the inadequacies of the traditional left-right line.

Threads political compass intro -- travel Seoul

A few of the questions I would have liked a "neither agree or disagree" option. Delays action is a more neutral way to phrase it. When every Western leader, more or less, is far into the upper-right quadrant and the general public is consistently shown to be bottom-left, it helps instill the notion that world politics is vastly unrepresentative. Socialists like Mahatma Gandhi and Robert Mugabe would occupy a less extreme leftist position. Less leftist than when I was younger. It is regrettable that many personal fortunes are made by people who simply manipulate money and contribute nothing to their society.
threads political compass intro

That's the one that the mere left-right scale doesn't adequately address. You look more like a centrist to me. Powered by SMF x KTT, threads political compass intro. Saying a non-democratic state is better simply focuses your priorities on elements more prominent in democracies. I never said anything about seat belt laws, or social programs. Do you already have an account? Hafrael Jimquisition I don't particularly like this political test. Lastly, I'm going to say that Libertarianism is not the exact opposite of authoritarianism. It's kind of hard to top. Drinking wine, eating cheese, catching rays. XenForo style by Pixel Exit. This is an archived post. Words having meaning, even if every word seems to be politicized today.

Political Compass

Threads political compass intro -- tour easy

The only social responsibility of a company should be to deliver a profit to its shareholders. The political compass thread. Those questions should be included. Cognitive Disorder NOS Forum. I figured this would serve as a nice introduction of me to the forum..