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Pmwiki main corrupt politician

pmwiki main corrupt politician

The Corrupt Bureaucrat trope as used in popular culture. We've all heard about them: Lazy, incompetent, always passing the buck, and more than willing to.
The Corrupt Quartermaster trope as used in popular culture. In military and nautical situations food, potables, bedding, clothes, ammunition, and other.
The Corrupt Corporate Executive trope as used in popular culture. Main · Laconic · Quotes · Fr · PlayingWith; Create New pmwiki / pub/images/ retains all of the CCE's cosmopolitan, far-reaching financial and political power, with perhaps even less governmental or media constraints to consider.

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Most of them get better though.. He calls it "the Syndicate", and insists "everyone has a share". Donald Trump is president of Earth, and when he isn't an unholy spawn of George Bush and Ronald Reagan, he runs the planet like The Apprentice. Dartz: Well, only if destroying an innocent soul concerns you... However, while an all - being source of infinite powers in the "care" of a couple of bastards may be a very annoying thing indeed, it's what 'makes' them bastards that throw them straight to this trope: Their methods. Greasing palms is eventually a downright necessity if you wish to stay out of jail and thus avoid losing the game , and good bribery is also required to take your enemies out of your way faster.. Frank Castle runs into a clan of these in "Welcome to the Bayou" story arc of The Punisher MAX. He becomes a supervillain in two different Alternate Universes and leads campaigns to wipe out the world's metahuman population so he can play with the world undisturbed.
pmwiki main corrupt politician

He then conceals this information from his faculty, portraying his actions as motivated by nothing but a desire for social justice. Sliding Scale of Antagonist Vileness. Thousand Shinji : Shinji, Asuka and Rei were good kids, although they were troubled because of the lack of good parental figures. Iji starts out as an Apologetic Attackershakily apologizing to her enemies after she kills. Genevive as a kid had sex with a boy named Clyde Loudermilk back in Tennessee. It's later revealed that one such incident led to the loss of Robert's daughter, when Krei proceeded with the live demonstration of teleportation technology despite the warnings from his own engineer of a problem. You need to login blog prism scandal cannot help do this, pmwiki main corrupt politician.