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News spies angry birds other apps track people documents show

news spies angry birds other apps track people documents show

New documents show the NSA and its British counterpart have access to Spy Agencies Probe Angry Birds and Other Apps for Personal Data and the geographic data embedded in photos when someone sends a post to . the app was tracking users' locations and gathering other data and passing it to.
The reach of apps, and of the networks advertisers use to pass data around "In order to protect our end users, we will, like all other companies 'Candy Crush Saga,' ' Angry Birds,' among targets, new release shows was identified in the Snowden documents as a target of NSA spying. LATEST NEWS.
" Angry Birds " plushies are displayed at a GameStop Kids in White They get the information when people play games or use apps on their Over the past several months he's released other documents and given them to a newspaper. . The spy agencies say the monitoring is necessary for tracking.

News spies angry birds other apps track people documents show flying Seoul

Such information helps mobile ad companies, for example, create detailed profiles of people based on how they use their mobile device, where they travel, what apps and websites they open, and other factors. Subscribe to the daily Geek Sheet for the top science and technology stories. Another ad company creates far more intrusive profiles that the agencies can retrieve, the report says. The NSA and GCHQ say they're collecting only legal information. The Times and ProPublica.

Special Report: Forgotten Survivors of AIDS. Crunching just one month of N. Malawi, Kenya, Ghana Selected For Malaria Vaccine Test: WHO. The size of the program isn't known. Ultra Modern Stadium Construction In Dodoma To Start Soon: Magufuli. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook and LinkedIn had previously sued the US government over being able to disclose to the public more information on what they have released to intelligence agencies. The NSA and its British counterpart are tapping popular smartphone apps such as Angry Birds to peek into the tremendous amounts of very personal data those bits of software collect -- including age, location, sex and even sexual preferences, according to new reports from the New York Times and The Guardian. Go to 'Sign In' and 'Manage Profile' at the top of the page. Forgot your username or password? It wasn't clear precisely what information can be collected. A fantastical wonderland of sound — signifying not. Latest news smartphone data builds up in N.

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  • In addition, NSA actively works to remove extraneous data, to include that of innocent foreign citizens, as early as possible in the process.
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  • News spies angry birds other apps track people documents show

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News spies angry birds other apps track people documents show -- traveling fast

Connect with Facebook to share articles you read on ProPublica. Ball also noted that some app platforms, including Millennial Media, a third party advertising network that distributes such popular games as Angry Birds , Farmville and Call of Duty, gather a great deal of data about users. These aren't the first documents he's leaked. The agencies have long been intercepting earlier generations of cellphone traffic like text messages and metadata from nearly every segment of the mobile network — and, more recently, mobile traffic running on Internet pipelines.