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Groom right bride left

groom right bride left

Typically the groom will always stand on the right, with the bride on their left – and no, it's not because it's his or her better side in photos.
Does the bride have to be on the left and groom on the right? You always see the bride on the left, does it have to be that way or can you  Head table | Weddings, | Wedding Forums.
It is customary for the bride to stand to the left at the altar, though you may when the groom needed to leave his right hand (his fighting hand)...

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I see an error in the content. So when I get braids on that side they look super spaced out. If it was high school and you were being picked for the sports team then of course sides matter. Designed by Elegant Themes Powered by WordPress.. I'm having problems with Featured Apps. Make MSN my home page. Celebrate a couple—years, that is! Subscribe to our newsletter.

groom right bride left

Why the bride stands on the left side during wedding ceremony. Funny you asked that. By clicking to run this downloaded file you agree to the Microsoft Service Agreement and Privacy Statement. So when I get braids on that side they look super spaced. And his best man campgrounds canyonlands national park be the best sword fighter.

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Simply click the Run button at the bottom of your browser. Since I am going with a certain hairstyle that will make my left side the side I would want to be facing our guests I would like to stand to th right of my future husband when we are getting married. Leave This Field Empty. Main Wedding Planning Website. So Jewish ladies, why are you guys on the right?

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Today, most couples still choose to stand with the gent on the right -- probably because they haven't really given it much thought. New Content BDW Resources. Because of this, it made sense for the men to stand on the right side of the altar, and the women on the left. LOG IN SIGN UP. If a man had to protect his bride, he would hold her with his left hand, and fight off attackers with his right arm.