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Gallery comment

gallery comment

While browsing a photo gallery on your intranet, you're bound to see a photo that makes you want to comment on it. To add a comment to an image in a photo.
In Phoca Gallery, images and categories can be commented by the following methods: Default comment system (only registered users can add a comment).
Gallery is a fully responsive WordPress gallery plugin with advanced functionality. .. Choose whether to display comments with the gallery images or not..

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Select the effect of the individual gallery images when hovered or chose to have none. Set the compact album title margin using CSS type values. Specify the number of gallery images to be displayed in a single page for the Blog Style view. Had problem to upgrade Photo Gallery. Choose gallery, galleries or already created albums to be used in the album.

gallery comment

Facebook Integration Add-on — Display Facebook photos and videos within Photo Gallery Pro without additional efforts. Provide the link, which will open in a new window, when the user clicks on advertisement image. Set padding for the text container title and description. Enable Comments by Default When Posting. Photo Gallery Widget for displaying albums and galleries as widgets. Possibility to display the number of images in the lightbox. Specify the level of transparency for the navigation button background. Specify levitra best websites level of transparency for the buttons. This dynamic widget allows having rotating tags or gallery images. Define the width and height of the responsive lightbox which will be displayed with some of the gallery and album views. Define the border radius for the gallery image description in image browser view, gallery comment. To add the images to your Gallery, you should press Add the gallery comment images to gallery button. Define the gallery image width for the Image Browser view option. Set the height for the control buttons in the lightbox. Photo Gallery is an advanced plugin with a list of tools and options for adding and editing images for different views. Specify the shadow for the preview thumbnail using CSS type values. Set the font style for the gallery image description. This feature is perfect especially for those who want to showcase their image portfolio and make money selling .

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Set the padding for the image information box using CSS style values. Set padding using CSS type values for the page navigation. Set the border width for Right and Left buttons.

gallery comment