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Fisher pill reddit thread

fisher pill reddit thread

Following its thread leads to one identity after another, dating back to high school, and The Red Pill — Fisher's personal email account uses the name, the same The Reddit alias Panderific also appears to belong to Fisher.
GOP Lawmaker Accused of Founding Misogynist Reddit Page Pledges to Robert Fisher founded The Red Pill, which calls itself a "discussion of sexual In a thread discussing "absolute truth," Fisher wrote, "Rape isn't an.
In the popular Reddit community “The Red Pill ”—a subreddit devoted to and “ men's rights”—browsers can find such helpful threads as "The...

Fisher pill reddit thread flying

View Public Profile Find all posts by Merneith. View Public Profile Find all posts by Skywatcher. Not cause it's an inherently bad profession, it's respectability provided a shield. Straight Dope Message Board. We live in a quasi -matriarchy. And then the community does nothing to purge them, and over time, becomes more and more radicalized.

Womenminorities and homosexuals are in charge. Also everything is gonna sound all dramatic and shit cuz this is like a huge secret truth and shit. Originally Posted by Eonwe. Find all posts by SaneBill. One random thing I find interesting is that so many misogynists embrace atheism.