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Category central civil services rules

category central civil services rules

The second category would be presents which are of trivial value. According to the Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1955 'trivial value' has been defined.
Under sub- rule 3 of Rule 15 of the Central Civil Service (Conduct) Rules, 1955 .. categories of such employees from the requirement of furnishing the return.
The Central Civil Services (CCS) are concerned directly with the administration and permanent . CCS (CONDUCT) RULES, CCS Rules · Central Secretariat Manual of Office Procedure 14th Edition by Ministry of Categories..

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Ordinarily there can be no objection to the pursuit of knowledge by Government servants in their leisure hours. If the transaction is with a person having any official dealings with the Government servant, the Government servant is required to obtain prior sanction of the prescribed authority. The following decisions were reached in regard to this recommendation:-. Contents Main article: Royal Commission on the Public Services in India. Import duty on Gold. There is, however, no objection to his accepting gifts at the time of his retirement from the members of the staff, subject however, to prior permission of Government, wherever such permission is necessary. Indian Trade Service ITrS.

category central civil services rules

The above decision of the Government may be given wide publicity and all the authorities exercising powers under Conduct Rules advised suitably so that they may ensure that category central civil services rules requests esist comments rwyt trump says break circuit court Government servants under the aforesaid rules are dealt with expeditiously and ordinarily no occasion need arise where a Government employee may be enabled to act on the assumption that permission has been granted in his case on account of the failure of the competent authority to convey its decision within the stipulated time. In such cases transactions in immovable property should be included in the annual property returns and those in movable property should be reported to the prescribed authority immediately after completion or immediately after the Government servant comes to know of. It may sometimes so happen that a Government servant is required to maintain contact with outsiders to gain information, in the public interest, about the violation of rules, "category central civil services rules", regulations. Accessories for any fire arms designed or adapted to diminish the noise or flash caused by the firing thereof. The matter has been considered by this Ministry in consultation with the Ministries of Finance and Information and Broadcasting and it has been decided that in cases in which no sanction is required for such broadcasts, no permission is necessary for Government servants to receive the honorarium. MOVABLE, IMMOVABLE AND VALUABLE PROPERTY:. Indian Defense Accounts Service IDAS. ECDB - What is ECDB? Sixth Central Pay Commission.

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Contents Main article: Royal Commission on the Public Services in India. The Air India and the Indian Airlines Corporation some times extend invitation to Government servants and members of their families to participate, free of cost in their inaugural flights. In spite of specific provisions in this rule, during the past two years quite a number of cases have been reported to the Special Police Establishment in which Government servants have been found carrying on life insurance business on their own or in the names of their wives or dependent, etc. RTI - CIC Orders. Cadre Review in CBEC. Arms Act and Rules. As far as possible, it is envisaged that the normal period of training will be outside office hours.