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Blogs michaelcalderone froomkin washington post

blogs michaelcalderone froomkin washington post

More On Froomkin Leaving Washington Post. By Michael Calderone at Politico has updated his report that The Washington Post ended its relationship with Dan Froomkin, the popular liberal blogger, with lots of reaction.
Dana Milbank, “Eric Holder Stews in His Own Juices,” Washington Post, May 21, on Judy Miller, Iraq War Coverage, and Fox News,” blog, Media Matters, June 3, Michael Calderone and Dan Froomkin, “'Reporter's Privilege' Under Fire.
The Post hasn't abandoned the concept of blogging. Update II: The piece appeared on Michael Calderone's blog at Politico but . When it comes to Obama, what does the Washington Post put out other than Number 2?.

Blogs michaelcalderone froomkin washington post - going

Oh, dummypants, you are aptly named. I understand her anguish. I have to agree with the poster upthread who remarked that a recent format change made Washington Watch less readable. Nice try though Froomkin's more lap dog to Obama than watch dog. And speaking of reinvention, once Post editors decided that White House Watch was no longer viable, they gave Froomkin a chance to come forward with "ideas for potential features that would take him in a new and different direction and that might resonate more with readers. You did great work. It was all of those things.

blogs michaelcalderone froomkin washington post

The Congressional Budget Office had scored a partial bill and the result was a total fiasco. Teresa Nicolas sarkozy peut redevenir president republique Hayden: Bruce Schneier on Rachel Maddow. Whatever other criticism and lost readership the Post gets from this, it is unfortunately wholly deserved. And what a lapdog for the left. It is happening right before our eyes. This moderate Republican will cancel my script and will no longer visit their howard stern show dmonth. Bill Posey, best known …, blogs michaelcalderone froomkin washington post. Yet another place to read the same garbage Blogs michaelcalderone froomkin washington post can get anywhere. A Brief History of the U Street Area in Race, Class, and Politics in the Cappuccino City. Perhaps that's no longer the case. All the conjecture amounts to fantasy. Jet Lands at Newark With Dead Pilot. Reply I love the post, but this really pisses me off. And this line from Dan Froomkin just yesterday -- for those who consider him a knee-jerk Bush-basher: "Obama's approach to disclosure issues is turning out to be profoundly schizophrenic. Your views were a piercing ray of sanity. And in other news, water is wet. Asleep At the Wheel [Hey, You! Watching the internet communication and tools of the grassroots work going in Iran, we all know direction real journalism is headed. VIDEO: Obama back to business. We must all Fight to stop it.

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Please Support The Washington Note. Froomkin's blog was the best thing on the Wapo's website. WashPost is not a liberal paper, and it's main editorial columnists are now primarily partisan right-wing. He's especially needed during the Obama administratin This inspires me to read the Post. The first question he faced from reporters, not surprisingly, was about war protester and grieving mother Cindy Sheehan. Their collective departure clarifies that the geographical separation merely delayed print's annexation of I've been saying for over a year that FRoomkin needed to find a new job.