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Biden jokes about gets republicans riled

biden jokes about gets republicans riled

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Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has apologized for making a joke about Joe Biden just days after the vice president's eldest son died.
By CNN's Jack Cafferty: President Obama isn't backing away from Joe Biden's was referring to the Republicans ' use of the word "unshackled" when talking about banks. He thinks hes funny but almost no one but him gets the joke. It's an absolutely horrible, hateful thing to say to rile up his base....

Biden jokes about gets republicans riled - tri cheap

He is going to lose the election because even if he tells the truth, people don't believe him. Melissa Benoist films Supergirl versus Superman fight scene for TV series soaking wet in Vancouver. Romney saying "I like to fire people" was an equally ridiculous thing to freak out about, but the media had a field day. Oh one more, the Republicans will jump on anything I'm sure Romney and his cohorts have said worst just not in public Without taking sides and being completely fair, I say yes apologize.
biden jokes about gets republicans riled

I thought you had a tough skin. Besides, most of us don't pay that much attention to politician's speeches or comments until the media hits us over the head with 'em incessantly. A Republican lawmaker who was criticized about his vote. African-American's, in fact, were once kept as slaves, and I'm blogs models zhenya katava milan march they would never want to be slaves again, and the Romney team would surely be turning the majority of us, black, brown and white, into that. The American Banking system uncheck as been unfair to minorities for too long and the recent class action suit shows it. Reports: US troops deploy along Syria-Turkish border. Democrats want more regulation, Republicans want. Let's not draw the line with the latest Biden gaff, biden jokes about gets republicans riled. Remember Jack, when your talking about Ryan and Romney your not talking about Obama and Biden. Let Joe be Joe. We are those who provide the fortunes through our effort and in return we are allowed to survive. Phil about Cash Me Outside Girl. Don't miss a brief. I'm bored at work I guess. Cafferty, the stuff that comes out of this dullard's mouth is pure comedy. Imagine him as President?

Traveling easy: Biden jokes about gets republicans riled

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  • You people are so biased it's ridiculous. Of course the Obama campaign "had no problem with those comments. It makes me think what really is in the heart of this guy.
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  • People should just get over it and find something substantial to complain about.
  • Biden jokes about gets republicans riled

Biden jokes about gets republicans riled - - traveling fast

House Republicans have an updated bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare,... Obama: Did you replace all the toiletries with travel size bottles? The President is a shameless wimp for not coming out and saying "this was a spiteful, sad, foolish comment.