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Apush flash cards

apush flash cards

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-From Spain -Landed in the Americas on October 12, 1492 -Sailed west originally to find a water route to Asia -Convinced he found the.
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Apush flash cards - expedition

Jefferson stopped paying the tribute, and the U. Franklin was the oldest delegate to the Constitutional Convention and his advice proved crucial in the drafting of the Constitution. In response, the colonists elected a their own legislature which met in the interior of the colony. Some immigrants came to the colonies willingly, while others were criminals, and still others were kidnapped or manipulated into coming in order to remedy the severe labor shortage in the colonies. The Quebec Act, passed by Parliament, alarmed the colonies because it recognized the Roman- Catholic Church in Quebec. They proposed some Amendments to the Constitution and advocated the right of states to nullify federal laws. It also reinforced the importance of slavery in the economy of the South. Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions.

apush flash cards

The amendment was passed as many in the muckraking press were suggesting that the Cuban people would be better off "under the protection" of the U. The other of the two parts other need usaa federal number prep Congress, considered the "upper house. It freed corporations from the states which created. Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty Watergate Crisis Descriptive term for all illegal activities of the Nixon Administration not only for the break-in of Democratic Administration at Watergate Hotel in Washington, D. Women, their rights, areas of discrimination. They proposed some Amendments to the Constitution and advocated the right of states to nullify federal laws, apush flash cards. The English ceased practicing salutary neglect following British victory in the French and Indian War. Alice Paul Head of the National Woman's party that campaigned for an equal rights amendment to the Constitution. Although France could have used American aid during the French Revolution, the U. Because there was no evidence or two witnesses he was acquitted. Chief Justice John Marshall: decision. Maine Law, Neal Dow.